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  • Independent Technical Engineering Advice
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  • Requirements Analysis
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Trials and Testing Review
  • Systems Engineering
  • WOME Engineering
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  • Excel Modelling
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DE&S required System Design Evaluation Ltd (SDE) to provide technical engineering support to assess, analyse or evaluate technical data from the manufacturer relating to Sub-System Requirements for the 40mm Cased Telescoped Cannon System fitted to the UK Ajax Vehicle.

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SDE provided a strong, broad base of individuals with specific skills to deliver the wide skillset required over the life of the programme.  This approach allowed conduct of activities in parallel when required, without delaying any deliverables. The SDE team had significant depth, allowing for potential movement of members and responsibilities as the programme developed. SDE used a dedicated Project Manager to act as the single point of contact between DE&S and SDE to ensure efficient resource planning, risk management and schedule adjustment. Given the diverse range of activities, SDE utilised two internal sources of technical review to ensure robust engineering advice. SDE’s contracted support includes: Attendance at Technical Support Meetings; Trials Attendance & Reporting; Analysis of evidence to support achievement of Sub-System Requirements; Analysis of current Proof Specifications, SOPC and Lot Acceptance plans; Review of cannon proof methodology and implications of fatigue life; Review of trial plans; Analysis of new Proof Specifications, SOPCs and Acceptance plans; Analysis of trials reports for barrel wear, fatigue and assessment of condemnation criteria; Review and assessment of material test reports; Review of Cannon Post Qualification design.

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SDE reports have been welcomed by the customer and have provided clear, pragmatic advice. Good communication and relationships and provision of expert advice allowed MoD to make informed decisions through the early stages of qualification and into production.

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