Systems Design Evaluation Ltd (SDE) is well known as a company that provides Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (WOME) safety consultancy services to the defence and security industries. SDE also has extensive experience in delivering safety audit and advice for procurement agents delivering main battle tanks and other armoured vehicles.

SDE’s approach to safety support for tanks and armoured vehicles involves a combination of safety engineering analysis, risk assessment, and audit: measurement and report against the raft of standards, regulation and environmental policies that apply to these demanding projects across the whole life cycle.  By working closely with designers, manufacturers and customers, and their delivery partners, SDE begin by conducting a detailed analysis of the vehicle’s design, focusing on factors such as its structural integrity, armour protection, mobility, and weapons systems. This analysis is used to identify potential safety hazards and to develop strategies to mitigate them.

SDE also conducts risk assessments to evaluate the likelihood and consequences of potential safety incidents in and around the vehicle, such as fire, accident or explosion. These assessments take into account factors such as the vehicle’s operating environment, the type of mission it will be used for, and the potential consequences of failure.

In addition to this rigorous analysis and risk assessment, SDE analyses testing regimes used to validate the safety of tanks and armoured vehicles. This can include both tabletop analysis and attendance at field testing, and may involve simulating real-world scenarios to evaluate the performance of the vehicle and its safety systems.

Overall, SDE’s approach to safety support for tanks and armoured vehicles is based on a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s design and operating environment, combined with rigorous analysis, risk assessment, and testing. By identifying and mitigating potential safety hazards, SDE helps to ensure that these vehicles can be operated safely and effectively in a wide range of mission scenarios.

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March 2023