SDE is pleased to announce the successful delivery of a System Requirements Document  (SRD) to TEST Project Team in support of the MOD’s Project CAESAR.

Project CAESAR is intended to support UK  Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives Technical Assurance (WOME TA) capability and views the delivery of WOME TA holistically rather than as a series of standalone activities.

SDE won a competitive tender process to first review the Project CAESAR User Requirement Document (URD) and then construct the SRD. SDE delivered a comprehensive and well received review of the URD and were able to identify areas to increase the overall utility of the document ensuring that any non-compliances with MOD guidance were identified to the customer. At the end of this process, SDE’s comments were incorporated into a redraft of the URD from which System Requirements could be developed.

SDE recognised the importance of producing an auditable and traceable document set in support of Project CAESAR and this was established at the outset by use of the IBM® Rational® Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS®) requirements tool to aid construction and subsequent management.  This approach had the additional benefit to TEST PT of encouraging migration of the extant URD into IBM® Rational® DOORS® format, which will further aid requirements management and traceability as the project progresses.

SDE’s tailored approach brought together our project and requirements expertise along with Subject Matter Technical advice. This facilitated compliance from a requirements perspective as well as ensuring that the technical aspects of the WOME TA capability were being appropriately addressed. Throughout the process, SDE ran a number of workshops and engaged regularly with the customer to check that the evolving document set would meet their needs.

The Project CAESAR SRD was delivered on time and to budget and has been welcomed by the Project Team. SDE has a successful track record of Requirements Engineering and believes that our approach of matching the skillsets of  our requirements authors with our technical SMEs and engaging regularly with stakeholders ensures that the end products fully meet the needs of the customer. Utilisation of recognised requirements management software also increases the long-term utility of the documents and simplifies the management, traceability, trading and analysis of requirements as projects mature.