System Design Evaluation Limited (SDE) are working as an approved supplier to Raytheon UK providing conceptual design and advanced computer modelling to provide support in a 3 phase programme of work to develop advanced warhead technologies.

SDE have been selected by Raytheon UK due to their extensive experience in both weapon systems and explosives engineering and also cutting edge hydrocode modelling capabilities.

With Phase 1 of the programme already complete, SDE have developed a range of innovative preliminary concepts and engaged with Raytheon UK to down-select the most promising designs based on a series of design and manufacturing requirements.

Phase 2 will focus on performing verification and optimisation of the basic functionality to enable further concept down-selection, with Phase 3 performing detailed analysis of the all up warhead.

The current programme is due for completion in November 2014 and it is hoped that it will form the basis of a long term, mutually beneficial relationship between SDE and the world’s largest missile manufacturer.