SDE is proud to have provided SME advice, requirements engineering, project management expertise and trials planning and execution support to the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, the Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI) since 2005.

Beginning with involvement in the successful Norwegian Modular Arctic Networked Soldier (NORMANS) programme, SDE has continued to deliver successful products for FFI, including a rewrite of the NATO Dismounted Soldier Systems Measurements for Analysis paper and most recently for the Norwegian Brigade North and combat clothing programmes.

A contributory factor in the success of the NORMANS assessment was coherent use of an Integrated Test, Evaluation and Acceptance (ITEA) methodology, which SDE planned and executed. The process made use of the philosophy articulated within the 2005 version of the NATO Dismounted Soldier Systems Measurements for Analysis paper (DSS M4A). As the NORMANS assessment progressed, FFI saw benefit in updating the work and commissioned SDE to undertake a comprehensive rewrite of the DSS M4A paper.

The rewrite, which has been endorsed by NATO, adds the benefit of FFI and SDE experience of implementation within NORMANS and has broadened the use of the document beyond Soldier Modernisation.  The current version reflects recent operational experience and has been well received, thus significantly increasing the likelihood of other nations adopting the methodology.

Against an aggressive timeline, SDE were able to develop a robust and logical User Requirement Document (URD) for the Brigade North programme which has provided a framework to develop subsequent System Requirements Documents (SRD) and also assist with measuring progress towards the declaration of Full Operating Capability for the Brigade Command and Control element.

As well as continued support to the Brigade North programme, SDE consultants have been involved in the early stages of developing a URD and SRD for the acquisition of a new Norwegian combat clothing solution. SDE has drawn in appropriately experienced ex-military staff to develop the URD and SRD and to conduct trials planning to allow the eventual solutions to be mapped. In support of this activity, SDE has drawn on extensive linkages to identify opportunities where similar work by Allied nations could save resources for the Norwegian customer and deliver an optimum value for money solution.

SDE applies UK MoD acquisition philosophy throughout its support of FFI, tailored as appropriate to meet customer needs. The result is logically presented, appropriately linked and suitably decomposed requirements documentation that assists with meeting the needs of the end user in a timely manner.