Air Weapons Safety & Environmental Management

SDE provides Air Weapon System Engineering and Safety and Environmental Management services for Air Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives, plus general Safety Management services for Equipment.

This is achieved by applying a wide range of weapon and equipment integration experience and adopting a realistic and practical approach to Hazard Identification, Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessment and Risk Management.

This business area brings together the skills of our innovative engineers and scientists together with the experienced staff with backgrounds in Weapon Engineering, Aviation, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME) and Safety and Environmental Management in the Air domain.

Critically, the operational context within which many of the equipments are used can be fully appreciated, thus allowing the formation of strong and dynamic project teams, providing a rational and pragmatic approach to safety and environmental assessment.

SDE has considerable Aviation support experience both embarked and ashore, and has personnel who have produced defence aviation safety assessments. Our Safety and Environmental Management skills have successfully been applied to a range of defence equipments and environments.


  • Air Weapons and Air Ordnance Safety and Environmental Management
  • Ship Aviation Safety Management
  • Air Equipment Safety and Environmental Management
  • Safety & Environmental Cases and Reports
  • Hazard Identification & Analysis

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More Details

SDE has extensive capabilities in:

  • A wide range of standards in a variety of regulated industries including MAA Regulatory Publications, Def Stan 00-56, DSA02-DMR (JSP 430), DSA03.DLSR.LSSR (JSP 454), DSA03.OME Part 1 (JSP 520), ASEMS (POSMS & POEMS), IEC 16508, RTCA DO-178B, DO-254, ECSS-Q-80B.
  • Military and civilian air safety and environmental management, with personnel from a comprehensive range of operational, equipment hardware and safety critical subject backgrounds.
  • Assurance and certification of safety-critical and safety-related software-based systems in a range of civilian and defence avionic applications.
  • Safety & Environmental Case Reports (SECR) for a wide range of new and legacy equipment.
  • Hazard identification & analysis including FTA, FMECA and HEA.
  • Independent auditing, Independent Technical Evaluator and safety and environmental reviews (ISEA).
  • General safety and environmental advice & training.

SDE has extensive experience in producing environmental risk assessments in order to satisfy the requirements of Environmental Standards and Legislation and the MOD Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS).

More Details

SDE personnel have worked on air weapon, engineering and various ship aviation tasks covering munitions, helicopters, avionics and miscellaneous equipment, including:

  • Assurance and certification of software-based systems, safety-critical and safety-related military avionics.
  • Providing the Safety Manager for 5 years for Brimstone and Selective Precision Effects at Range weapons.
  • Assurance and certification of safety-critical and safety-related software-based systems in a range of civilian and defence avionic applications.
  • Safety Case Reports (SCR/SECR) for FASGW(H), CRV 7, SeaSkua, AMRAAM, Hellfire, LW30 ammunition, Ancillary Explosive Devices, Defensive Aids, including Expendable Active Decoys, 30 mm Aden ammunition, 27 mm Mauser gun and 27 mm FAP ammunition, Maverick and IRIS-T Air Launched Weapons.
  • Drafting Air Launched Weapon Release Certificates for Air Weapons and Munitions
  • Review of SCR and Guided/Air Launched Weapon Release for Sidewinder and ASRAAM.
  • Operability Statements and Air Weapon Preparation Area Layouts for QEC. Studies on Air Weapon supply and control of the Highly Mechanised Air Weapon Handling System. Stowage Plans for Air Weapons in QEC and CVS and Flight Deck mitigation.
  • A Safety Adviser (Technical Staff Officer) in the Ordnance Board (/Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG) with responsibilities for providing OME safety advice on air-launched weapons including: Storm Shadow, Maverick AGM-65, Hellfire, Brimstone, Harpoon, ALARM, Mauser 27 mm Aircraft Cannon, Attack Helicopter Chain Gun, Aden Gun and all natures of aircraft ammunition.
  • Provision of Safety Management support for Yellowgate Electronic Support Measures and Sky Guardian 200 Radar Warning Receiver systems.Drafting, review and update of Digital Air Publications for Air OME
  • 180 SECRs and OME Safety Instructions for DGM PT covering Light munitions, Heavy munitions, Mines and Explosives and Pyrotechnics and the ongoing review and update process. Many covering OME used in the air environment across Fixed Wing (Fast Jet and Large Bodied) and Rotary Wing Platforms.

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