Land Safety & Environmental Management

SDE Provides safety and environmental management services for Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives and Land Equipment at equipment, system and land platform level.

This is achieved by adopting a professional and practical approach to Hazard Identification and Analysis and Risk Assessment and Management.

This business area in the Company brings together the skills of our innovative engineers and scientists with those of our experienced staff with Military backgrounds and specialist knowledge in Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME), vehicle and Safety and Environmental Management domains.

Critically, the operational context within which many of the equipment are used can be fully appreciated and understood by our staff. This enables the formation of high competent multi-disciplined project teams, to provide credible solutions based on a pragmatic approach to safety and environmental assessment.

SDE has also been actively involved in the formulation of many safety related standards and has assisted in the development of safety and environmental management processes and procedures.


  • Safety and Environmental Management Systems and Plans
  • Safety and Environmental Cases and Reports
  • Hazard Identification & Analysis
  • Independent Safety Auditing (ISA)
  • Independent Environmental Auditing (IEA)

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SDE has extensive capabilities in:

  • Development of safety related policy, procedures and standards
  • Development of safety and environmental documentation in accordance with DSA03.DLSR.LSSR (JSP 454), DSA03.OME Part 1 (JSP 520) and ASEMS (POSMS & POEMS)
  • Drafting of Safety and Environmental Management Plans
  • Development of OME Safety & Environmental Case Reports (SECR) for new and legacy equipments
  • Development of DSA03.DLSR.LSSR (JSP 454) Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 SECRs
  • Development of SECR of weapon systems and ancillary equipment onto platforms
  • Drafting Safety Instructions (eg, OMESI)
  • Hazard identification & analysis including FTA and FMECA
  • Facilitation of safety and environmental panels
  • Independent safety auditing (ISA) and safety reviews
  • General safety and environmental advice & training
  • Requirements Engineering and documentation
  • Explosive licensing
  • Safety & Suitability for Service (S3) trials
  • Drafting and reviewing safety trials specifications
  • Provision of OME SMEs

SDE has worked extensively on the provision of DSA03.OME Part 1 (JSP 520) and DSA03.DLSR.LSSR (JSP 454) Safety Cases, SECRs and related safety and environmental support for various DE&S teams including DSS, LWPB, MST, PMT, DGM, IGMR, TSSP, LMAS, MAWS and SPSCM.

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These activities have covered:

  • New munitions, explosive devices and counter-IED equipment
  • Legacy munitions
  • Defence Munition Publications for new and legacy OME stores
  • Assistance on pyrotechnics and fuzes to DOSG
  • Acting as Chairpersons and Members of Ordnance Safety Review Panels under delegation from WOC Engineering
  • Infantry weapons, ammunition and sighting systems
  • Weapon and sighting systems integration
  • Attack Helicopter munitions and SHORAD missile system
  • Vehicles and weapons mounting systems integration
  • Training and Simulation Systems
  • Sea Venom (FASGW(H))
SDE has extensive experience in producing environmental risk assessments for Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (OME) and other non OME military equipment in order to satisfy the requirements of Environmental Standards and Legislation and the MOD Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS).

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