Type 26 Explosive Safety/MIFS Integration


The Type 26 Global Combat Ship Integrated Project Team (IPT) required the development of the Explosives Safety Certification strategy, the Class Explosives Safety Case Report, support for the integration of the T26 MIFS capability and the overall certification of the T26 GCS. 


SDE developed the strategy to achieve this and provided a suitably qualified and experienced team that: 

  • Developed an integrated ship and OME Protection Strategy.
  • Developed a certification strategy for Explosives Safety Certification.
  • Conducted a Ship Explosives Threat Hazard Assessment using unique SDE tooling.
  • Translated the concept into a baseline platform design for embarkation, stowage, handling and use of WOME.
  • Provided expert input to the development of product safety targets and undertook Threat and Hazard Identification/Assessment and Risk Management.
  • Developed the Class Explosives Safety Case engaging with key explosives safety stakeholders, managing interfaces with other hazard certification areas.
  • Provided the necessary safety artefacts to support the integration of the 5” gun into the platform.


SDE’s proactive engagement with all stakeholders, deep technical expertise and operational understanding of Naval WOME and WOME Integration enabled the Customer to have a clear and well understood explosive certification strategy that identified risk early and ensured that explosive risk was mitigated in a timely and pragmatic manner in line with the requirements of DSA02-DMR, in a coherent manner across all ships disciplines. 


  • Ship Explosives Safety Management
  • Maritime Indirect Fires Integration

Life Cycle Stage

  • Design & Build 


  • Safety Management Plans and Certification Strategies under JSP 430/ DSA02-DMR. 
  • Class Explosive Safety Case Report (CESCR) and Hazard Identification to MAP 01-103 requirements. 
  • Warship in Harbour Assessments. 
  • Magazine Material State Assessment and Design Compliance Assessment against Def Stan 00-101. 
  • Munitions Naval Environment Assessment Statements (NEAS). 
  • Ship Explosives Store Safety Instructions (SEXSSIs). 
  • OME Integration Design Safety Justifications. 
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