40mm Cannon Technical Support


The Customer required expert, independent assessment, analysis and evaluation of technical data supplied by the manufacturer for the 40mm Cased Telescoped Cannon System fitted to the UK Ajax and Warrior armoured vehicles to support acceptance of the capability. 


 SDE provided a strong team with suitable qualifications and experience across the wide skillset required. SDE’s activities included the provision of: 

  • Independent review and feedback to DE&S on Trials Plans 
  • Independent witnessing of trials & provision of expert feedback to DE&S on outcomes 
  • Analysis of evidence used to support validation of requirements 
  • Expert review and feedback on Cannon Proof Methodology, existing Proof Specifications and proposed new Proof Specifications 
  • Analysis of Safety of Propellant Charge and Lot Acceptance plans 
  • Creation of a JSP520 compliant Safety and Environmental Case Report 
  • Review and assessment of material test reports 
  • Review of Cannon Post Qualification design and provision of compliance recommendations to DE&S 


 SDE reports provided the customer with impartial, clear, timely and pragmatic advice in connection with the test, evaluation and acceptance of the Case Telescoped Cannon System. Excellent communication and engagement between SDE and the DE&S team allowed MoD to make well informed and reasoned decisions throughout the early stages of qualification and through the transition into production. 


  • Independent & Impartial Advice
  • Expert Technical Engineering advice in connection with 40mm gun 


  • Requirements analysis
  • Engineering analysis
  • Trials planning and witnessing
  • Test Results Review 
  • Systems engineering 
  • WOME Engineering 
  • JSP520 
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