Defence Systems

SDE intimately understands the complex nature of improving war-fighting capability and the need to consider the pan-DLOD impact when developing new equipment.

We have vast experience in the quantitative assessment and analysis of the effect of new capability on the performance and effectiveness of the individual, Section, Platoon and Company of both Mounted and Dismounted troops.

SDE specialises in the provision of technical expertise across the WOME and Soldier System domains. We have worked with both prime contractors and Government Agencies in many international soldier modernisation programmes to undertake tasks such as providing the Lethality Management to the programme, generating System and User Requirements, ITEA management, OME expertise and trials management..

In addition we provide a wide range of scientific and technical advice on weapons, munitions & energetic materials.

Services Include:

  • Weapon Ordnance Munitions & Explosive (WOME) Expertise
  • Soldier Systems Expertise
  • Research and Development 
  • Requirements Management
  • Integrated Test, Evaluation & Acceptance (ITEA)
  • Major Programme Support

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Defence System Services:

WOME Expertise

SDE is a lead provider of Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (WOME) and related expertise and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to various UK and overseas Government agencies and the Defence Industry. We offer a wide range of scientific advice on munitions and energetic materials. 

Our expertise covers the complete lifecycle of energetic materials from initial formulation through to demilitarisation of munitions and recycling. This experience covers a wide range of WOME including propellants, pyrotechnics and ballistic systems and the business area is staffed by a team of highly experienced and innovative WOME engineers and scientists.  

Soldier System Expertise

As a result of the SDE’s independence and its vast domain knowledge, it is able to provide impartial third party advice and support to soldier systems programmes. Our agile nature allows us to quickly and efficiently form integrated project teams which utilise technical and user experience in in order to develop optimised solutions. 

SDE has authored the latest version of the NATO Soldier Modernisation Measurement for Analysis: a Framework for Modelling and Trials document which defines what MOPs and MOEs should be captured when conducting soldier system development trials. The approach described in this document is being adopted by many nations as part of their soldier modernisation programmes.

Research and Development

Using our extensive domain expertise across all areas of weapon systems and OME technologies we undertake a variety of activities across the full CADMID cycle. Our independence from manufacturing or any other outside influence allows us to conduct research and development with absolute impartiality.

Our blend of scientists, engineers and ex-Service personnel ensures that we are able to view the problem from both technical and user perspectives in order to develop an integrated and optimised approach to research and development activities.

Requirements Management

SDE can undertake requirements capture and engineering activities for both procurement and R&D programmes.  This ranges from User and System Requirements (T26 Maritime Indirect Fires System (MIFS)) through to Technical and Sub-System Requirements and Technical Specification (Common Cannon and Ammunition Programme (CCAP) and Delivering Dismounted Effect (DDE) Programmes). 

SDE has also generated Safety and Environmental Requirements for numerous WOME programmes and equipments.  As a consequence the company has a clear understanding that unambiguous statements are required, that robust justification statements are essential and that appropriate verification processes are determined.   

Integrated Test, Evaluation & Acceptance (ITEA)

SDE have conducted ITEA activities for UK Research Programmes, Future Dismounted Close Combat (FDCC) and Delivering Dismounted Effect (DDE), plus the UK FIST programme and the Norwegian NORMANS infantry modernisation programme.

In this capacity we have managed, planned, conducted, instrumented and analysed the results from a vast quantity of data gathered during multiple trials which have been critical to the development of a vastly improved capability for the soldier. Other ITEA experience also includes the integration of gun, missile and mortar/rocket systems into Land, Naval and Air platforms.

Major Programme Support

SDE has provided both technical and managerial support to many major defence programmes in the UK and in other countries such as USA, Australia and Norway. The Company has provided specialised domain expertise to many international soldier modernisation programmes such as UK’s FIST, FDCC & DDE, Norway’s NORMANS and Australia’s LAND 125 programmes. 

SDE have been involved with all of the recent major new Royal Navy ship programmes such as the Type 45, Type 26 and QEC, as well as many of the current fleet updates (T23, MCM and OPV). Our role in these programmes has included explosive safety management, magazine design assessment and OME stowage plans.

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