System Design Evaluation Ltd (SDE) has recently been contracted by the UK MoD’s  Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) to deliver a study into Active Protection Systems (APS) for Armoured vehicles.

The 10-month programme will integrate a broad range of extant evidence regarding APS, generated over the past two decades and will generate evidence to support three major strands:

  • Provide evidence to support Chief of the General Staff (CGS) directed decision points regarding how the Army should invest in APS upon its armoured vehicle fleet.
  • The necessary evidence to de-risk accelerated procurement of APS technology should there be an urgent capability requirement driven by operational commitments.
  • Provide the basis to exploit the DSTL-CSA sponsored Active Integrated Protection System Technical Assessment Project and the development of a sovereign UK MIPS architecture out to 2025-35.

Key activities to be undertaken by SDE include:

  • Conduct a Market Survey of current APS systems and analysis of system capabilities against MoD requirements. This will include updates to cost modelling tools.
  • Engagement with wider Defence Lines of Development (DLOD) owners to understand and document the potential impacts and drivers to introduction of an APS capability.
  • Generation of an APS Safety case to inform system safety considerations and support a Technology Demonstration of a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) APS
  • Development of a capability roadmap and stakeholder communication products
  • Delivery of a Study Capstone report, including development of a 2-star Project Executive Summary.

SDE has drawn together a team of experts for delivery of the project to the MoD. The team comprises staff from SDE, Diem Analytics Ltd and Cervus Defence Ltd. The combined expertise of the companies will allow SDE to leverage expertise of Weapon, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (WOME) Integration; WOME safety; requirements engineering; platform management; requirements and cost analysis; capability development considerations and, introduction to service of equipment. The cross-functional skills of our Team afford opportunity to Learn from experience gained from wide exposure to Defence and other Projects and deliver value to DE&S.

To learn more about SDE’s Systems Engineering capability, please contact us directly at

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