In its ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of weapons, ordnance, munitions, and explosives (WOME), System Design Evaluation Ltd (SDE) has taken a significant step forward by conducting a thorough review of existing standards. The result of their diligent efforts is the fully revised Defence Standard, Def Stan 07-085[1] Issue 5, which sets a new benchmark for the industry. Additionally, SDE working with Techmodal Ltd,  has developed an innovative, interactive user guide to accompany the standard, further enhancing its practicality and ease of use.


With an unwavering focus on continuous improvement, SDE accepted the tasking from MOD and AACE Ltd, to reassess and update the existing WOME standards to keep pace with evolving technologies and industry best practices. The primary objective was to establish a comprehensive and up-to-date Defence Standard that ensures the utmost safety, reliability, and efficiency in the handling, storage, and usage of WOME.


To achieve this, SDE assembled a formidable team of WOME experts, engineers, and industry veterans with significant experience of using and testing safety protocols. Together, they conducted a meticulous review of the existing standards, examining their strengths, the utility and validity of references and identifying areas for improvement.


The revision process also involved rigorous analysis of real-world scenarios to validate the efficacy of the proposed changes. SDE also sought feedback and insights from relevant stakeholders, including military personnel, government agencies, and industry leaders. This collaborative approach helped ensure that Def Stan 07-085 Issue 5 addressed the diverse needs and challenges faced by the WOME community.

The newly released Def Stan 07-085 Issue 5 encompasses a wide range of critical aspects, including design requirements, performance testing, safety protocols, transportation guidelines, and disposal procedures. By incorporating the latest advancements in technology and incorporating lessons learned from past incidents, the standard sets a higher bar for safety and operational excellence in WOME-related activities.


However, SDE didn’t stop there. Recognizing the importance of accessibility and ease of understanding, they worked closely with Techmodal Ltd to create an innovative, interactive user guide to complement the revised standard. This user guide presents the technical information in a user-friendly manner, with intuitive navigation to normative and informative references drawn from across the global industry.  The interactive tool, based on MS PowerApp, sits within MODNET and has ‘live links’ giving full access to the range of normative and informative references across Def Stans, STANAGS, US MilStans and also gives guidance as to what may be acceptable as an alternative means of compliance (AAMC).


The interactive user guide can also serve as a virtual training ground, allowing personnel to improve their knowledge, identify potential hazards, and familiarise themselves with the latest protocols. This hands-on approach significantly enhances learning outcomes and builds a more capable and confident workforce across the defence sector.  In time, SDE believes the tool can be developed to enable WOME practitioners to use the tool to conduct case management for role specific activity such as IEAP or ILS.  Additionally, it is hoped that MOD will allow the user guide to evolve with time, receiving regular updates as SDE continuously collects feedback and refines the content based on user feedback, updated engineering practices, inclusion of new and emerging weapons and weapons platforms and real-world experiences. This dynamic approach will ensure that the guide remains relevant, effective, and aligned with industry advancements.


SDE’s dedication to delivering excellence in WOME standards through Def Stan 07-085 and its interactive user guide underscores the organization’s commitment to advancing safety, efficiency, and effectiveness in the handling of weapons, ordnance, munitions, and explosives.


In conclusion, System Design Evaluation Ltd (SDE) has raised the bar for WOME standards with the release of Def Stan 07-085 Issue 5, ensuring that military personnel, government agencies, and industry professionals have access to a comprehensive and up-to-date framework for the safe and efficient handling of WOME. By also providing an innovative, interactive user guide, SDE has made this critical information more accessible and easier to comprehend, ultimately contributing to safer military operations and safeguarding personnel worldwide.

[1] Design Requirements for Weapons and Associated Systems Mandatory Design Requirements


July 2023