Statement of Authority


Systems Design Evaluation (SDE) Ltd possesses the unequivocal authority to certify systems as compliant with stringent military and security standards, particularly those set forth by the UK Defence Standards and NATO STANAGs. This authority is underscored by several foundational pillars.


Firstly, SDE operates as an independent entity, devoid of any affiliations that could compromise its impartiality. This independence ensures that evaluations and certifications conducted by SDE are objective, transparent, and trustworthy.


Secondly, SDE maintains ISO 9001 qualification, a globally recognised standard for quality management systems. This certification attests to SDE’s commitment to excellence and adherence to rigorous processes in assessing system compliance.


Thirdly, SDE is equipped with a cadre of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP), many of whom are distinguished as Chartered Engineers in specialised disciplines crucial to military and security evaluations. These disciplines include but are not limited to weapons, ordnance, munitions, explosives (WOME), autonomous systems, robotics, maritime, land, air systems, and environmental impact assessments.


With these pillars firmly in place, Systems Design Evaluation (SDE) Ltd stands as a trusted authority in the certification of systems, offering assurance of adherence to the highest military and security standards.

March 2024