Whilst Systems Design Evaluation Ltd (SDE) is synonymous with providing independent safety advice and audit for WOME products and services, it is also proudly associated with providing services to support the development and safety assurance of robotics and autonomous systems, including:

  • Risk Assessment: SDE can conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of robotic or autonomous systems, including the identification of potential hazards and risks associated with the system’s design, operation, and maintenance. This can help ensure that the system meets safety requirements and is safe to use in various environments.
  • Safety Evaluation: SDE can evaluate the safety of the system by assessing its design, functionality, and performance against relevant standards and regulations. This can help identify potential safety issues and ensure that the system is compliant with safety regulations.
  • Verification and Validation: SDE can conduct independent verification and validation of the system to ensure that it performs as intended and meets the system requirements. This can help detect and correct errors or issues before the system is deployed.
  • Compliance Assurance: SDE can help ensure that the system is compliant with relevant regulations, standards, and guidelines. This can help mitigate potential legal or regulatory risks associated with the use of the system.
  • Training and Education: SDE can provide training and education to the development team and end-users on the safe and effective use of the system. This can help reduce the risk of accidents or incidents associated with the system’s use.

Overall, SDE can support the development and safety assurances for robotics and autonomous systems by providing a range of services that help ensure the system’s safety and compliance with regulations and standards.

For more information or to request a quote please contact SDE at:

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March 2023