SDE was engaged to provide trials support to a live firing trial of General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) replacement bodies as part of a DE&S procurement programme.

During September, SDE provided Range Conducting Officers, data gatherers and commercial firers for the task which was conducted on non-MoD range facilities. Over four weeks, nearly 200000 rounds were fired by the trials team through the candidate weapon systems and compiled data presented back to the MoD customer as a report deliverable.

The trials activity and data gathering was conducted against an agreed Integrated Test and Acceptance Plan (ITEAP) authored by SDE and approved by DE&S at the start of the process. The trial demonstrated SDEs capability to rapidly assemble a suitably qualified and experienced project team to support customer needs and was an excellent example of industry augmenting MoD with key support to meet specific tasks.

Trials Management is a core SDE capability and our staff skillset ensures that we are able to tailor support to best suit individual project outcomes.